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Well I'm getting to that age where I have to start making some decisions..so I need to choose a career. This is very hard for me since it needs to be able to afford my hunting habits and obviously have time for them. Some say I'm crazy for making this a priority. But it is, and always will be. So what do you diehards do for a living? I have been looking at being a lineman and working on power lines, but am not sure. I don't go on luxurious hunts and do mainly DIY and try to spend the least amount as possible. So I don't need to be a doctor or anything. So guys, what do you do?
One thing I would recommend is to be very conscious of how much, if any, student debt that you will take on. I think people in America are finally realizing that going to a private/prestigious school isn't worth it all the time if you rack up a ton of debt. Community and public schools will be just fine for the majority of professions.