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This is my current method. I am such a creature of habit, i have not found anything to hunt day to day that compares to my "wilderness pack specialties" daypack that I have had for about 15 years. I also have the same frame pack that i have had for over 25 years.

I know the frame packs can be noisy. Do you ever strap the daypack on to the frame pack and take them on your day hunts while leaving the base camp stuff on top of a ridge a few miles away? I can understand why somebody wouldn't want to put a buck down at dark, and have to hike all the way back to get a pack. I just have a hard time parting with the money for an "all-in" pack unless I am committed to carrying it all day. completely undecided!!
Thought I would follow up on this:
I ended up getting the Stone Glacier Solo(3300 capacity). I got the gun sling and the meat bag. Total weight still under 4#. I like the SG because he has a simple 2" belt that is similar to my old daypack. I load up the belt with shooting sticks, knife, ammo, range finder,.......I picked up a pair of "hump" bags from a recommendation on another post. The intent for me is to use the hump bags to carry bulk food and water to get in. These mount on the bag toward the front instead of on the back like many other add on bags. This keeps the weight forward. By having these bags mounting loose, it also allows me to mount them all the way forward even with the shelf expanded. All of this with the idea to keep as much weight forward as possible. As I thin down throughout the hunt, these can be rolled up and stuffed in the Solo bag.

I have also experimented with StatPack hip bags. I have always been interested in this concept. The only ones I ever saw years ago came with a dedicated belt, which doesn't work with other packs. These bags are quick on and off, super light, and the volume is pretty impressive. They use elastic straps on the legs, and i have tested these for quite a few miles without any discomfort. I am not quite dedicated to these yet, because they block access to the hip pockets on my pants. The idea with these was to have something that can be easy access to water and snacks without taking off the main pack.

As you can see, I brain$%%^ everything. I just wanted to share on my latest ongoings.