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    I'm at 17. Thank goodness for drawing 3 sheep tags. Also, for an awesome dad, since five of those came from my dad taking me to the Yukon after I graduated in engineering in the 80s.

    I should add a whitetail (Columbia Whitetail near home) this fall. I'd still like to hunt Coues, Bison and California Bighorn.

    My biggest goals are a B&C antelope (DIY), a 365+ elk (DIY), If I can draw another desert sheep tag which I should in Arizona, I'd be a Dall sheep away from a 2nd sheep slam.
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    Grand Slam #1005 + 2: Dall (1986 Yukon), Fannin/Stone (1987 Yukon), Bighorn (1988 Colorado Unit S-26), Stone (1995 British Columbia), Desert (2001 Nevada Unit 161), Bighorn (2009 Wyoming Unit 5)



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