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    "If an applicant is successful in drawing a tag for
    a season for a species or category of a species or fails to
    apply for a season for 2 consecutive calendar years during
    which that type of hunt for a season is open,
    he loses all of
    his bonus points for that species or category of a species."

    They won't lose their points as there is no open season to apply for non-residents. I guess they just sit there until it opens back up.

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    ALL NV units have trophy potential! It's the finding the trophy which is hardest

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    Jason is rite. They are there it's just finding them. More then likely when you find units to try and get a tag in the better units will have low tag numbers and a ton of guys trying to get the tags. Chances are you won't be hunting every year. It can take 4-5 years to draw these tags but there are good trophy quality.

    The other areas that are easy to draw will have a lot of hunters but most of them aren't out for the trophy they are out to fill their tag.

    One of my favorite deer trophy area to hunt has a 3-1 odds of res drawing the unit and there are many tags available. I can hunt this area every year or every other. We have taken 5 180" bucks out of this area just because we get off the roads do some hiking and a ton of glassing. We watch hunters drive up and down the roads and never seen anything.
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