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    Unit 21 Jan. Deer

    My name is Kyle and I am college student from New Mexico and I am planning on doing the OTC archery hunt for unit 21 since my mom lives in Cave Creek. Anyways I am going to be hunting alone so I figured I would see if anybody on here is going to be hunting in 21, that way if I do kill a deer I would be happy to pay someone to help me pack it out. I would also be up to help some one else get their deer out if needed. I am just concerned with getting the meat out quickly in case there is warm weather since I do not know anyone in that area. Also any info on what to expect from the hunt would be greatly appreciated such as number of hunters, road conditions, number of deer, ect.
    Thanks, Kyle

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    I'd help if I could!! Good luck

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    I used to hunt 21 in Dec. and Jan. late archery deer for many yrs..
    Have seen some big bucks there. Last couple times not so good. Killed a few javalina in 21 with bow also.
    I doubt if you will have warm weather there in Jan.. I was always pretty cool at day and butt cold at night.
    Check out 7 Spings area or Bloody Basin area.

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    Great area went "scouting" there a year ago(I had an OTC) saw some bucks almost put one down. The weather will be pretty cool. I took the bloody basin road in. Its a great area lots of glassing.



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