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Catahoula, First I gotta lay on the sword and say that I drew a late season archery cow tag in area 10 for this year by mistake. I got confused in the online application and blew 8 points. At this point I don't know if I am going to drive to AZ to try to fill the tag because I have heard mixed reviews. I would be really interested in what your observations (or anyone else) when you finish your hunt in area 10. It's not that I am ungrateful to get the tag, but I feel horrible that I blew the points I was building for a special bull hunt. I will definitely be more careful on all of my big game applications from now on. An expensive lesson for sure. Thanks and good luck!
I know a max point holder that accidentally put in for the wrong tag, bummer to hear that. Nothing to do now but make the best of your hunt. Good luck