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    Thanks to all I appreciate all the input. I believe I will line up some help for the pack out and like Elk Hunter said I too follow the rule that the farther in you go the bigger the animal needs to be.

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    Here is a pretty good link to the gutless method for those still interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckbull View Post
    I have a buddy that claims his co-worked went to canada on a moose hunt. Claims the outfitter used a chain saw to break down the moose. Used vegetable oil as bar lube. I don't know if I buy the story completely. I'd think the saw would get gunked up, especially if you were trying to cut thru fur. Plus, I think you'd make a mess of the animal. Anyone hear of this?
    Yes, two years ago in elk camp, while I was out screwing around in town looking for some nice stuff to cook for dinner (that year, I took a nice bull in Idaho, so I didn't need another elk), my two buddies conned the warden out of a cow-it was "spike only" in the unit. I came back to find a four-inch wide stripe of blood and "parts" down the side of my tent, across the path, and out to the dirt road we were camped next to. I asked what was up after the usual high-fives when I saw the bagged quarters hanging, and Jan, my Czech buddy said in his best broken English, "Vell... you had da axe, und ve can't lift da meat, so I cut it up with da Husk-a-varna."! Made a mess of the saw, I can tell you!

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    On my solo hunts I am normally in about 5 miles. I like the gutless method as well. I also carry the same number of heavy duty garbage bags as I do game bags. If it is warm after cleaning I will pack the meat in the game bags down to the nearest stream which isn't to far, place it in the garbage bags and place the meat in the steam. I have never had any problems loosing any meat at all by doing this, even if it takes three trips to pack all the meat out. Mark

    One note I do de-bone the quarters as well.
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    I like to think I am in pretty good shape and 4 miles in rough country packing an elk out by myself is tough as hell. I think you are smart paying someone with horses to pack you out. One thing to consider is talking to the outfitter that would be packing your elk out and make sure he can and will take horses into were you are hunting.
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