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Thread: Back up hunt

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    Back up hunt

    Have a WY antelope hunt planned for this fall. Had a Elk as well but those plans got canceled. But I defiantly need to go on a hunt out west this fall, so looking for a back up hunt if I don't draw my antelope tag. What hunt would you guys suggest for a over the counter tag? I might even do a week and a half predator hunt tour to several different states.

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    I would vote on the week long predator hunt just because it is somthing I have always wanted to do. As far as big game goes I would either go for otc elk in CO or otc archery deer in ID or AZ. Good luck!

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    You can always hunt OTC wolves in Idaho! You can hunt alot of Idaho on a general OTC deer or elk tag too. Colorado OTC elk is another good option.



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