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Thread: Knives

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    I don't have a swing blade but I bought their kodiak set ,liked the saw ,but knifes were not good ,had to resharpen a lot , I use them for camp knives now, I went out and bought a Gerber for a skinning and gutting kinfe, stays razor Sharp.

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    I have had the swingblade since they came out and it is a pretty good knife.But I have recently switched to the raptorazor, check it out, it is a great knife.

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    I have a drawer full of Gerber & Buck hunting knives. I haven't used any of them since I got the two Havalon knives I now use. I like the Barracuta for skinning and quartering, like the longer thicker blade. The fillet blades are great for boning or fish. The Piranta is good for caping and fine work. The pair and a few spare blades is the lightest option I've found.

    Downside is I've heard of Piranta blades snapping and causing injury when side pressure is applied. It happened to a friend of mine who was an outfitter for many years. They came out with a new model that takes thicker blades now for people who had this problem. He went back to a Spyderco Endura (or similar model, shaped like that one) with an AUS-8 blade he loves. He carries a big heavy steel in his pack to touch it up though partway through an elk.

    My favorite blade steel is the new S30V. My old favorite knife before the Havalons is a Buck Crosslock with that steel in it. I just wanted a little longer blade a lot of times, I prefer a 4-4.5". The Benchmade Emissary folder I carry in my pocket also has this steel and I love the way it holds an edge and sharpens right back up. I've had it for 4 years now I think and it has held up to daily abuse on the ranch. Downside is the price, it isn't cheap.

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    This is a cool knife..great product..the blades are awesome...really want to buy this as a gift for my uncle..



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