Anybody have one of these?

My dad told me a couple of days a ago that my grandpa wants to give me one.

In some initial reading, it seems that they have a propensity to beat themselves into not functioning and some won't maintain accuracy. Some people swear that they are junk but others swear that they are good guns.

I'm guessing that my grandpa's is functioning fine, he wouldn't drop a bum gun on me, so I'm not terribly worried about it, just more wondering how long I can expect it to be a useful gun.

When I get it, I'm going to take it to a local gunsmith and have him give it a good going-over just so I know where I stand with it.

Just curious if anybody here has one and if so, how do you like it, any problems, etc?

Right now I hunt with a Springfield M1A Scout (.308), so that's my comparison.