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    I have probably hit my budget to update equipment for this year, although the year is not up yet…..

    I upgraded a rifle and scope this year after having had the same rifle since I was 18. For the most part I won't upgrade something unless I really see the value in it for me, but everyone has there own way, how they like to hunt and what they find important to them.

    Over time I've upgraded things that have made more sense than others. Some were welcome upgrades like clothing and finding Merino wool. Not having to stink as much from being out for a week in the backcountry has been most welcome. Another welcome upgrade has been a better GPS, the one I had in the early 90's was big and bulky, hard to use and no mapping feature. Better optics upgraded has been well an eyeopener. What I had before was more of a headache due to eye strain and not having the clarity to see in low light.

    I've had some other upgrades over the years but for me the ones mentioned above for me have been like putting off getting reading glasses and then getting the eye exam and fitted for a pair and wondering why I put it off for so long.

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    You gotta have something new to take with you each fall, big item or little item, doesn't matter.

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    I definitely always get something new every year.. Even if its just some new camo clothes.. I wouldn't have updated my bow this year but we got sponsored by Mathews and I wasn't going to pass that up! But most the stuff I buy, I spend the little extra to get something that will hopefully last me for years.

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    I really seam to make my gear last. I think I end up very outdated because I am also reluctant to buy anything until what I have fails me. This year is a heavy spending year for me as I have gotten some real education on proper clothing and better lightweight gear. I struggled last year hunting because of unsatisfactory or just outdated gear, and I am committed to not let that happen again.

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    I tend to do a couple items a year and buy the best that I can afford. However, "big" items optics, bow, pack etc. I expect to get 5-10 years out of atleast.

    I wouldn't want new everything every year, there is a lot to be said for having experience with and being comfortable using the gear you have, I think. My time in the Mtns gets more limited every year it seems, I want to enjoy it, not be trying to figure out something new all the time!

    That being said, I do like shopping for gear, who doesn't! Ha



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