I am taking my 17 yr old son to CO unit 67 for the muzzy deer hunt. This unit has limited amounts of alpine/timberline country with lots of 9000-9500 aspen country. My first thought is to hit the alpine bowls/timberline but with the the archery season opening 3 weeks prior to the muzzy opener on 9/14 and assuming the bulk of the muzzy elk hunters will be hitting the high country as well, will the deer be knocked off the tops? Also with the 9/14 opener, most will have shed by then and probably be hitting the timber. Would you guys write off the tops and concentrate on the aspens, or spend the time checking out the tops first and see first hand whats going on? The good thing with 67 is tags are fairly limited for all seasons but so is the amount of high country, so it could get beat up fast. Hopefully you guys with more first hand knowledge of the CO muzzy season can provide some insight. The bio has suggested this unit holds deer in the 9-9500 range but I enjoy hunting the high country.