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    any recommendations? ELK

    I have 10 pts. for elk in NV and have typically put in for 072,074 first, then a few of the other top units 2-5.I don't have any experience with elk in NV, so I'm just using MRS and huntinfool data. It would be nice to get some thoughts from guys with firsthand knowledge. So, I was just wondering what some of you folks with more NV experience than me, thought would be a better option or would you stay with my pick? I will hunt DIY and it will be backpack where needed.( I don't own stock).
    Any and all thoughts are appreciated, Thanks!
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    Jarbribge wilderness sounds like it would be tough to get an elk out without horses. I think any elk hunt could be good and probably comes down to scouting and knowing the area more then anything. Im applying for northern units only because scouting would be easier/closer for me when I draw someday.
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    Unit-231 - while deer hunting there in 2011, I saw numerous trophy sized elk in all sorts of terrain. Probably tough to draw with 10-points.

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    111-222 all late are some great units to hunt for elk. NDOW broke up the units to Early, mid, and late. I would go late, mid, then early if your rifle hunting. Lots of elk.
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    Did you guys see the new dates they are pushing the Nevada archery elk to? August 1-30??? Then muzzleloader Sept. 1-15, followed by rifle? Something like that. Wow this will squarely put an SFW target on Nevada now. Their big hitters don't like toughing it with a bow after paying $20K for their auction tags.

    It was already barely catching any of the rut. Now it will be nothing. If anyone draws 114 archery you should contact me.

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    I hunted 72, 74 archery in 2011. You do not need to have horses to hunt the unit. You can do just fine hunting outside of the wilderness. In the wilderness, I found plenty of elk within 1 mile of the wilderness boundary. Its a great hunt, lots of elk and plenty of bulls to hunt, and I don't believe the dates changed on the archery hunt in those units. I actually had some of my best opportunities on the biggest bulls in August before the rut kicked in.



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