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    Out of state guided elk hunts have been running $6-$7k, Deer hunts $1500-$2500, unguided antelope about $1000.

    It takes me $1000 just to drive to the west and back, gas adds up, throw in a hotel overnight here and there for a week.

    I keep a duck lease here in Texas, but the gas for that adds up too when you drive 150 miles round trip every Sat and Sun the season is open.

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    I have never figured out the exact percent, but I do make priority's to afford my habit.
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    $10k on family vacation (which I try to sneak in a day of fishing, depending on where we go) & $5k on hunting. I figured out after having kids, a nice vacation makes my wife very happy. She never says a word about my hunting trips. I agree with Pete hunt hard while you are young! When you get a little older & have kids you don't have as much time to go.
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    I have an agreement with my wife that the money I make at my side job is mine to spend however I want, usually on hunting. Of that, I spend anywhere from a couple thousand to several thousand, depending on the year, what I buy and how many hunting trips I take.

    Living in NC really runs up the tab, not just for NR tags but for transportation to get out west and then to rent a vehicle. Flying SW Air with their two bag allowance really helps. Plus, I have clients in several western states so I have my investment business pay for the air fare because I always start my western hunts by visiting clients first. Now if I could just write off the cost of the hunt...



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