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    I work with a guy that is a non-hunter(grew up in NJ,non-hunting family) and he understands what hunting is FINALLY. I have had to explain to him multiple times of why I hunt and that it is not just for the "killing". Yesterday he asked me if I could take him hunting so he can fill his freezer with organic meat and understand why I do it. Of course I told him yes..........hopefully he wont ask me to have a soy burger now! Hubba-I have to thank you like everyone else has for spending 5 minutes to explain what we really do and why we hunt. Maybe just maybe you have created a hunter.

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    Explaining the feeling of accomplishment of the harvest is an impossible chore for us. It has to be experienced. Do I enjoy the kill? Well, yes, but it isn't in the taking of life. it something deeper. I read a story in Backpacker (or Outside, or one of 'em) recently where the non-hunting author went on his first hunt, and tried to explain the pride and elation he felt when he was successful. He couldn't do it. Some people over-simplify it, and say killing is killing. Maybe the "tree-hugger" in the beginning of this thread now realizes it isn't as simple as he thought. Well done, Hubba!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BADbuckfever View Post
    Good job, I have gotten lots of hunting info from animal lovers and HIKER'S BLOGS. If they only knew how much we scour the web for hunting info they would stop sharing their outdoor adventures and photos of the cool deer they saw. I love it. Keep it up, we have thousands of years of hunting history/traditions to back us up. The need to hunt is primal and anyone who hunts can out last some vegan any day of the week when needed. They are not self sufficient at all.

    Well said.



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