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    Arrow Pics over the years.

    Thought I would share a few pics from some Montana bowhunts over the years. These run From the mid eighties to a few years ago. I have a bunch more but they would have to be scanned as they are not digital. Kind of neat going trough some older pics.

    This is the first trip to the Breaks 621 at this time we were one of only a handful that were there during bow season. A few years later there was a few magazine articles and the place exploded.

    A good friend from Big fork that I hunted with since the mid eighties. Sadly he passed away a few years ago at 42 great guy. This was at the Breaks.

    Someone will know where this is?

    When I first started out it was all about meat hunting so be gentle. This was the first elk I had ever taken. A friend posing with him.
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