DR, I thought of a few more things while I was out baleing hay this morning.If you go to hwy 35 and go right on it down about 5 miles or so is a little bar and restaurant called the mountain house. Its not cheap but they have good steaks! If you continue down 35 to hwy 92 and go right (east) just before you get to the jct of 92 and 280 is canada road. it kinda runs along 280 from 92 to 84. There are some open fields along it on the west side and you can usually find some nice blacktail bucks in them! No one can hunt around there so they arent to wild. If you like sea food if you go west on 92 to half moon bay and north on hwy 1 a few miles to el granada and go into the harbor ketch joanne is good and there are others around there too. Also if you go on stage rd from san gregorio to pescadero you should see some deer! Menlo park is not a bad area but there are alot of rich snobs around there.