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    Wasatch archery elk hunt!

    Hey Guys Im looking for any info on the wasatch unit for archery opens aug 17- sep 13 seems to be a bit before the rut heats up, any tips or info on how to hunt the unit would be greatly appreciated i've never been in the wasatch and plan to hunt most of the season. what is a realistic goal for a bull? Im 24 and in great shape so hopefully there is some back county to bivwak into?

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    You need to connect with the guy who started this post and join your efforts!
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    Getting off the roads is always better hunting in my opinion, but I have been on the wasatch alot and had three friends shoot their bulls fairly close to the roads. The rut is in full swing during this hunt and the elk are not hard to find. If you are not super picky on the bull your after, getting in far might not be worth the work for you. If you have any other questions let me know.

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    Another word of advice is good luck! With all of the spike and cow hunters (not to mention the deer hunters) you better find a spot off the beaten path.
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