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    The only unit out of those that will have leftover tags is 70, most of which is private. I think there is type 2 hunt in 48, might be a few leftovers there. it I doubt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eberle View Post
    You've never heard of Rattlesnake Hills?
    Not until now, but I have seen a number of rattlesnakes in WY (LOL).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawfish View Post
    Not until now, but I have seen a number of rattlesnakes in WY (LOL).
    Now we know you havent been reading the WY MRS in detail. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alabama View Post
    Hey guys I got an offer from a friend to come hunt antelope in the rattlesnake grazing area near Alcova. He's from Nebraska and it's going be on his cousin's ranch and surrounding public land. He isn't sure of the unit but said its near Alcova. The units surrounding Alcova are 32, 48, 63, 69 and 70. There definitely aren't any left over tags in 32, 48, 69, or 70. 63 hunt type 2 had leftovers but it was a new hunt in 2012. I think he got mixed up and these will only be discounted doe/fawn licenses, right? Also there are leftover licenses in the special draw in some of these units, what happens to those tags? Do they revert to regular tags or become really expensive leftovers?

    Thanks, Wesley
    Is your cousin meaning the Rattlesnake grazing association lease? They used to charge a small trespass fee. I'm pretty sure it's area#70. Not sure if there will be leftovers, and yes it is mostly private and landlocked public land. Sounds like you have an in there with your cousin's ranch. Enjoy your hunt if you put one together.

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    I hunted unit 70 2 years ago and drove through it several times last year. There is some huntable public land there but very few animals on it. IIRC Rattlesnake Grazing has land in units 71 & 72 also and maybe 69 also, not sure though. None of these units had leftover buck tags last year and the numbers were way below what they were 3 or 4 years ago. I would say you are looking at doe/fawn tags for leftovers.


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    All either sex and doe/fawn licenses are sold out in units 32,48,63,69,70 and 71. Haha looks like I won't be hunting antelope in Wyoming this year unless I buy for another area that I don't have connections. All the leftovers seem to be in areas with difficult access to public land. Thanks for the info guys.



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