I am in the process of fitting a pair of Lowa Tibets, and finally on the third try (from Zappos) I believe I've found a great fit. The next piece, I would like to order some "replacement" laces.

I have a high instep, and thick calves, so my boots tend to lace up pretty "wide". As a result, I have minimal lace left for the knot. I can get the knot ties, but an extra 3" to 6" of lace on both sides would be nice (6" to 12" total). The pair of Lowa Tibets I have come with what looks like an 84" long lace (unstretched), so I would like to replace that with something like a 90" to 96" long laces.

This got me thinking, when I have replaced my laces in the past, I typically end up with an inferior lace that I am really not happy with. I'd like to hear what you guys like for a quality "replacement" lace.

Also: The Lowa Tibets have a lace lock just above the lower lacing, so I assume the lace diameter should be fairly close in diameter to the original lace for that to work properly.