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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay View Post
    I used my 21 elk preference points to draw a muzzleloader bull tag in unit 201. I plan to make 2 to 3 scouting trips this summer before the season opens on Sept. 14th. Does anyone have any advice on unit 201, particularly if you have hunted it before?
    Thanks in advance!
    Clay, I have the same tag. Good Luck!

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    Hey BKC,
    Congratulations and good luck to you too!
    How many points did you have?
    I realize that in some ways we're in competition but there have to be more than enough good bulls in 201 for us both to fill our tags and be satisfied. I would be willing to share my contact info with you and whenever I fill my tag I would be more than happy to give you any and all information that I have gathered. That would be if I fill my tag first and there is no guarantee of that happening. Anyway, I just like to treat people the way that I like to be treated, trying to live by the Golden Rule!

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    BKC and Clay, shoot me a PM when you can for info. I can help you both.



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