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I'm waiting for smartphone guided drone strikes to be legalized
It already is. My buddy is a subguide for an outfitter. Last year they had their hands full with sheep hunters so I told them if they need another guy to glass an area let me know. I ended up a mile or so in on a mountain where he asked me to be at sunrise and report back if I see anything while he takes the client to another spot. Sun up was slow so I made my way over a few mountains. Eventually I found some nice rams and pondered on how to get him in the area without spooking everything. I dropped a pin on my iphone map. Took a close up overhead screenshot of the map. Downloaded a picture editing app. Drew the exact line of how I came in to the area. Sent him the edited image via text. I bailed out and he went in about an hour later. Game over. It was really cool to be able to do that. Im sure the caveman are jealous