dustin: yes, just joined this may. Pretty neat stuff on there.

I have been using a bob trailer for quite awhile. I picked the trailer up in 2000, pulled a spike bull out with it in 2002 and have gone way over board since than. I like to pack a camp in and stay awhile, it usually takes 2 trips to get my camp in.

Brakes are the hard part of the whole thing, If you have a loaded trailer bombing downhill, it can get scary. Hydraulic disc brakes are the best for that.
wheel size is another interesting topic, 26 versus 29 and now 650b. Basically 26 inch wheels have been around forever, a few years ago 29 inch wheels took over. If you do get a bob trailer, make sure the trailer fits the wheel size. My trailer attatches to the rear axle of my bike. I have some friends that used to moose hunt with there bikes and they used kid carriers for their trailer. they always used the same handicap accessible trail though.

The trailer does work good on singletrack trail, but like has been said before, you need to bike more than the day before opening season. You will be pushing up hill with all your gear. Also take scent control into the factor. If you are going to be sweating up a storm on your 5 mile climb in to your hunting area, don't wear you camo shirt, use something else and stash it at the bike. I also like a rack on the rear of the bike for carrying stuff, stick the stuff in a waterproof bag and strap to the rack. There is plenty more, but I got to go back to work.