I was wondering if any of you have had the same problem- it started with the towels, we'd wash them, then when I used them, they smelled a bit funky.

Then it went from a bit funky to smelling like they just came out of the hamper when I dried off.

Now, the rest of my clothes are getting nailed - I have a brand new shirt that I wore for thirty minutes, then it went in the wash. My wife decided to wash some clothes with towels and my Under Armor shorts that I run in - any of you that have those know how beautiful those smell after 2 hours of sweating in them.

So, I'm wearing my brand new shirt today and on the way to work, I'm noticing this smell...I smell my shirt and it smells like my Under Armor running shorts, which happened to be in the wash with the shirt.

So, I know it's my washer, but I'm trying to figure out where to start. I occasionally wash all of the towels in really hot water (132 degrees), but I haven't gone nuclear yet and bleached everything because we have a bunch of colored towels and we all know what bleach does to those.

The hot water washes haven't done anything to stop the smell, in fact the last one seems to have made it worse.

The washer is a Maytag top-loader, we've had the thing since we built our house in 2007 and this problem just started in the last few months and got really bad in the last week or so.

One thing that has me wondering is that we have just had a bunch of new wells dug around us recently for ag use and we have been having issues with the water occasionally smelling since they started pumping heavily. This laundry problem also started around the same time.

So, I'm wondering if it could be the water, a combination or just coincidence.

Any ideas would be appreciated.