It's hard to believe, but my oldest son will soon be graduating from college. He has never been on a high quality elk hunt. I've been looking forward to this for a long time and have been building points for him in both Arizona and Wyoming. Next year (2014) we can draw in one of these states, we just need to pick which one to apply for since we need to apply for both about the same time.

For Arizona I have 15 elk points, and he has 10 points, so we will average at 13 points. I think we would have an excellent chance to draw Unit 1 archery elk if we apply together. My son is an accomplished bowhunter and has taken several blacktail deer and whitetails spot and stalk. He has never had a quality elk tag before. I think Unit 1 should be just about perfect being 3 years after the Wallow fire. I have taken several nice bulls and would like to hunt for a 340+ bull. My son would be absolutely thrilled with a 310+ bull! The only concern I have is the tag increase they have for this year's archery season and what the tag numbers will be in 2014. I would appreciate any input on how Unit 1 is looking and the affect of the larger numbers of tags will have on a unit of that size. Is a 340+ bull a reasonable goal? Personally I would hunt the whole season, my son would come down for a week.

For Wyoming, we both have max points. I have identified a unit both of us would likely draw. We could bowhunt early and go back and rifle hunt later.

Two great options. Arizona is our first choice if it looks like the right year to draw in Unit 1. We are really looking forward to a great elk hunt together.

Thanks for your input.