I am 6'2" tall. I really hate shower doors. You know they are there. You duck to miss them on purpose, yet your cranial cap draws to them like a damn magnet. You try to act rational and show restraint knowing young ears are only 1/2" of sheet rock away. Everyone listens when dad yells. You know this too. It always leads to a weird tropical dance routine. Trying to hold it back through gritted teeth and rapid panting while bobbing up and down naked around the bathroom. Rocking from side to side while applying pressure hoping brain matter survived and offering a redneck prayer. ( this is the heavy mix if rather prayerful terms mixed with shoot cussing and a few ranch explainitives )

I have also figured out shower door frames are related to the door frames of Robinson R-22 helicopters. 6'2" guys are amusing to watch try to enter the cockpit. Folding up like a weblewobble with legs imitating a smurf. Then somehow still cram your head right into the dang door you set yourself up to try and miss.

Maybe my heads gotten too big.
End random rant for the night.