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    Steve are their any/many grizzlies in that area? I will have 3 PP going into 2012 and plan on applying for region G. I like to backpack hunt and get away from crowds. I don't mind hunting and sleeping on mountain around wolves and cats but my courage starts to end quickly if its grizzly country.

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    Not many Grizzlies in G. I've heard of one or two sightings, but I wouldn't worry about them at all.
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    Hey guys! Any luck with that greys river hunt? My grandfather huned for years in he little greys / greys area. Heard so many stories of that area over the years. He hunted from the 50's to the early 90's. Passed away this june. I would like to try this area someday. He told me they went up from Alpine, and hunted along he Middle Ridge / Star Valley / Murphy lake / and Star Peak among other areas that he had success. He had a pretty amazing life.....shot 33 elk in his years, most out of the greys, but some in idaho, montana, the bighorns and other areas. Shot a 365 " bull in he greys.

    anyways, love to hear he stories. I have not be accumulating MD PP's. I need to start doing so.

    Good luck if you guys get out this fall!




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