Hello everyone,
I'm new here and I'm starting to get interested in rifle hunting, again. I switched to archery soon after I returned from Viet Nam, but I have rekindled my interest in firearms. So, I'm in the market for a new rifle and have decided on one of the Savage models. I'm looking primarily for a deer rifle, but it may do a bit of coyote control and also have an outside chance of going on an elk hunt! I'm not overly bothered by recoil, yet, but I just turned a healthy 67 and I don't think I'll get much younger. With that in mind, which of the three calibers listed in the title would be the best choice for deer out to 400 yards and elk to 200 yards? I am starting to reload (just mounted my Rock Chucker to the bench) and hope to get the best out of whichever caliber I buy. Your thoughts and comments are welcome.
By the way, the 260 is a 22" barrel, the 270 is 24" and the 6.5x284 is 22".