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    Idaho Unit 14 Deer Help....

    Hit unit 14 for Mule deer in Idaho, never hunted the unit but would like any advice on the unit and the health of the deer . Trying to get a realistic idea of what a realistic buck would be for here. 170's a fair guess or should I be holding out. Scouting it too but want to know some history if anyone is willing to share.

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    In the 90's and early 2000's, you could drive from Whitebird grade to Riggins and count thousands of deer. In the past 10 years though, it seems the population is down, but I don't drive the route as often at daylight these days. I think 170 is attainable, but you may have to get up into the hills a bit. It seems those bigger bucks hang just out of glassing range and in the hidden pockets. In that country, if you walk the hills, you will find a lot of hidden pockets that you can't see from the road.



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