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    That's inside spread packmule. I didn't measure the outside and he's at the taxidermy right now :-). That sucks about the spikes, haven't enough studies been done to show that yearling spikes can turn out to be monsters. Our rules are different, 2 bucks can be anything; no restrictions, but 1 must have at least 4 points on one side. Except for the county I live in; 1 must have at least 4pts on one side and the other 2 must have at least 3pts on one side. There are no spread criteria. There has been marked improvement in my county since the changes were implemented. Still too many yearlings harvested though and the best of the 2 year olds get whacked. The DNR is trying at least, that's more than we got a few years ago.

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    The point rule would eat us up bc of all the 7-9pt yearlings that can be produced. Early ruts lets them be a little older when they start growing that first set..the late born ones the yearlings drop usually won't have the time to do much.

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    Great deer Alabama!



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