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Thread: Elk Area 20

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    Elk Area 20

    Has anyone hunted Area 20. Just curious what affect the wolves have had on the elk. I was at a ranch on the salmon river a number of years ago and they told me wolves had put a good dent in numbers. Just curious if it has gotten any better.

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    Harvest in that zone is down 50% since 2006 and the total number of elk has dropped by about 3,000....F&G will tell you it's a combo of habitat issues and predation....I lean more towards predation myself.

    There are very few areas of Idaho with increasing elk numbers right now, but there are a few places that are looking pretty good still population wise.

    Myself I'd like to see them make it so if you harvest you have to take a year off...yeah that would suck kinda but I believe it would help the elk recover some, 10 years down the road the sacrifice could very well be worth it.



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