Just received my Asolo Sasslongs and my first impressions are:

1> Wow, pretty good looking boot.
2> Lace to the toe is an understatement, these things lace down to within an inch of the rubber rand at the toe.
3< Eyelets are very smooth with the stock laces so I should be able to keep the boot good and tight throuout the day.
4> The padded tongue and collar are very soft and comfordable.
5> The stock insole is junk as was stated by another member, but once I put in a quality insole the footbed contour feels very nice.
6> The sole and heel seem to be a little narrow even though I have the "wide" model, field testing will determine if that's an issue.
7> The last seems a little stiff, hoping it will soften up a little over time.
8> Wearing them around the house they are very comfortable.

I'll put a few miles on them this weekend and report back.