Hi Everyone,
I am acquiring points in Wyoming for antelope and deer, both myself and my uncle. My uncle has hunted Montana twice for antelope, with a deer tag during one of the hunts that didn't get filled due to some bad luck, though 2 huge bucks were seen. My uncle is my hunting mentor, the only one besides me in my entire extended family who hunts and I want to take him on a hunt where he has a reasonable chance of tagging a mature buck. Is this something possible to do DIY? He tells me he is too old to hunt out of a tent, though he did in Alaska for caribou about 5 years ago. He is 65 in average shape and I am 32. I am pretty determined to do the antelope DIY, but if my best bet is to pay a rancher some money to hunt for a week, that's what I'll do. Wyoming, Montana, Colorado? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance to you all.