I have a feeling that if she gets this job we'd likely live in Colorado Springs area. I may have a lead on a place to look for a job for myself, but her getting the position she needs is the tough part and we could end up almost anywhere in the country and will find out in December.

I've been dreaming of doing more western hunts but the cost and distance are limiting factors right now. I know archery hunting would be vastly different but I'm looking forward to it. I tried to draw CO archery mule deer this year and didn't get it. Was debating ID or CO for OTC archery, but my dad is older and I'd rather take the time to go fishing with him than hunting by myself so MT fly fishing it is in September.

If we did end up there I think I know the waterfowl hunting wouldn't be as good, but maybe some upland hunting? My lab is hitting her prime years and I like to get out with her when I can. We've been to SD for pheasant the last two years as a family.

The deal is if we move it'd likely only be for the 3 years of her training and then unless she likes it we are likely to move again. Pueblo may be hot but that might be one of the things that sells her. She wears a sweatshirt at room temperature. And she considers an area rural unless the nearest town has a Macy's (don't ask how we met and got married, sometimes I wonder myself). Haha what can you do she was raised in north jersey.

All I know is the housing has to be more affordable than here. About the only areas worse are NYC metro, DC, and LA.

I'd sure be excited to move west but it'll be hard to learn all new areas and frustrating to know we'd likely move again in 3 years and I won't be around long enough to take advantage of the resident status for some of the premium draws.

I may ask some more questions. We'll see how her interview goes.