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Wow, even with all that spare time in airports and on planes? Your travel must be on the road. I used to do that too, 50,000 miles a year, but I always had time for good hunting journals somewhere in there.

I'm giving you a hard time, but actually I gave up western hunting for a number of years because I was too busy with family and building a business. Plus, after putting a lot of money into those two passions I didn't have enough left for an expensive sport half a continent away.

I hope things slow down for you and you still prosper. Life is short.
We do what we gotta do for the dreaded 40 hours a week huh? Im in construction and work in vegas is null and void. Thankfully my contractor keeps me busy And we are on a good repor. He says " ill always guarantee you 40, just might not be in town" when it comes to construction these days thats more reassurance than most have. I too run a business on the side attempting to break into an industry im much more passionate about.(hint hint)

This stint will be my longest so far. A solid month away from the wife and 18 month old daughter. Its killer! She sends vids of the two of them in swim classes, sends pics of the little one one on the toilet because she (over the weekend) potty trained herself. She isnt getting any younger and thats the hard part. There is a fine line between paying the bills and doing what ive got to do. But also saying piss on it and accepting a substantial pay cut just to not miss out on her life.