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Thread: Idaho Bear Hunt

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    Idaho Bear Hunt

    Getting pumped for my fall bear hunt coming up next month. Here's a short clip from my dad's fall 2011 hunt in the same area I'll be hunting.

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    That looked like a pretty good bear. Good luck on your hunt this fall.

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    Great video, and some good meals in store. Bear makes the best chili that I have ever eaten.
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    Good work on the moose tag, "Cheese Head". That can be a very good moose area. I would contact the local G&F warden and the biologist. I know that some of those bulls live in the river bottoms but will wander out into the sage brush hills and aspen pockets with their cows during the rut. Some of the landowner down that way are pretty good about letting guys hunt moose in their willow bottoms. My barber killed a nice 44-inch bull over there last fall. He killed the 14th bull he saw in a week. Should be a fun hunt. Good luck. -G
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