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    032 Deer - First time archery

    Drew an archery tag and this will be my first archery hunt. Super Excited! I have gotten 2 deer in this area before and I was able to hang them; however, with temps in the 90's, I am debating what I should do. Would quartering the deer and putting the quarters on ice in my coolers as soon as I field dress him be the best bet? Or maybe just a quick field dress and putting it on ice in a tarp and taking him to a meatlocker in Winneumucca? I don't think my 150 quart cooler will fit the meat unquartered. What do other archers do in high temps (90 day/ 50 night)? Thanks!

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    Quarter him up, debone if possible. "The bone holds a lot of heat" Get him on ice and head for town.

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    I always run into Denio junction and get him in the cooler there. Then I get big cheese burger.

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