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    Black Powder Colorado GMU 65 (& 64)

    Got a bull elk tag in GMU 64/65 for the Sept 19th-24th muzzleloader season this year (2013).

    Looking for any tips from those familiar with the two units? Where to go, where not to go, best access in/out (knowing we will ditch the truck and hike), ideal glassing spots, avoidance of outfitters, etc.

    To me, it looks like 65 may be the best bet given all the public/forest service land compared to 64 but this is my first attempt in these two GMU's and I'm not familiar with that area of the state.

    I scouted near Silver Jack Res off of CR860, 858, and 861...let me tell ya, STEEP country. Checked out Cow Creek but it was too muddy and I almost lost the truck off a cliff so we turned around and our scouting trip was over due to torrential rain.

    I'm looking at a 7-9 day "live off your back" hunting trip; e.g. walking mainly--mules if possible but doubtful at this time. It will probably turn into a bivy hunt.

    I'm looking for minimal access by vehicle, 2-4 mile hike in to find meadows and acceptable habitat for some shooter bulls.

    If anyone is willing to share some intelligence, that would be awesome and appreciated!

    Thanks in advanced!


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    Sounds like a ton of fun. I have not hunted there, but I would think the areas above and to the south of cow creek would be great. Above timberline in the difficulty creek and wildhorse creek drainages. I'm guessing that is more like 4 or 5 miles from the end of the road though. Might be tough to get one out if you don't have mules.

    I think that 64 is mostly too low for Elk in September. But I have not spent any time in 64 except in the NP.

    Muzzleloader season is 9/14-9/22 this year.

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    Thanks for the info, Eric! I'll do some research on google earth...get a feel for the topography.

    Also, thanks for the correction re: bp dates...had them mixed up.



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