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    Whats in your daypack

    Hey guys just wanted to know what everyone carries in their daypacks

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    Don't usually carry one. I like an oversize upland game hunting vest. Have one in camo and one in orange. Usually have my lunch, ammo, some matched, SPOT, GPS and whatever elso I need based on how far I going. I use a GI web belt and canteen.
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    Game Bags
    Survival Blanket (use for tarp when breaking down an animal if needed)
    Spotting Scope
    Tripod-bino Adapter
    Two Way Radio (unless solo)
    25 ft. Para cord
    I also always carry a little Outdoor Research pouch with compass, matches, small lighter, Advil, small multi tool, super glue, electrical tape, spare batteries, water purification tablets, TP, etc. any time I leave the house for the woods whether hunting, hiking or fishing, I guess it's like my survival bag! Ha

    Pretty sure that's it (it's a fairly heavy "that's it" but I'm still pretty young so I deal with it!)

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    I assume you are asking so you don't miss something really important. Don't minimize the potential of a day pack becoming an overnight survival pack. This is what I carry for November elk hunting when we are hunting out of a wall tent every day, or hunting any area that I am not really familiar with. I am skipping stuff like spotting scopes, ammo, etc..., because that is hunt specific stuff that varies by person. I consider this list to be important for all hunts, no matter what the weather looks like. I am sure others can point out other items that are important for safety.

    2 knives
    headlamp w/ batteries
    extra mini light(you will find out why when you don't have one)
    GPS/Radio w/ spare batteries
    area map
    small first aid kit(I put a small assortment of advil and other stuff in with this)
    zip up bivy sack(stuffs into about 3.5" x 5.5")
    firestarter pack
    2 fleece headbands(one becomes a neck gator)
    outer layer coat

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    Thanks this is good info. I was about to ask this but this post is a big help

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    For actual hunting gear it really depends on the hunt. The things I never go without is my binoculars, rangefinder, and one of my Rapid Pivot bipods or tripods. Binoculars are for obvious reasons. I consider a rangefinder with a true ballistic range feature that calculates angles to also be necessary. I have rapid pivot bipod attachments on my rifles and carry either the lighter shock-cord tripod model (I removed one leg) or the adjustable sitting/kneeling model on all my hunts. I practice shooting kneeling from them a lot to get over the grass at home, or sage out west. They work well to put under my binos while sitting to get steadier. I also never leave out my little knife kit with my Havalon barracuda and piranta and their spare blades. I also carry a light baklava and Sitka Traverse gloves even in warm weather.

    I have my emergency gear separated into 2 levels depending on what my plan is. If I'm hunting with another person who isn't up for possibly spending a minimal night out I carry light emergency gear. If I'm going solo or with someone willing to spend a night out I add a few pounds for a basic camp. Weather permitting if I find a good buck or bull far from the camp or vehicle late in the day I'd rather stay on him than watch him until dark, hike all the way out, and all the way back in the next morning. This is in addition to what hunting gear and appropriate layering clothing I pack. I like multi-purpose gear and try to shave weight there when possible like leaving out the down jacket when packing the HCG mtn serape. Also I run only electronics that take AA batteries so I can have 2 headlamps, a camera, and a GPS that all use the same lithium batteries if I need to rob from one of them.

    Basic Full-time daypack kit (1lb 7oz)
    -stainless steel water bottle
    -spare wool socks
    -Adventure medical heatsheets bivy (the 3.8oz one)
    -cheap mylar space blanket (mainly for a fire reflector)
    -bandana (red for signal, pre-filter water etc)
    -Mammut S-lite headlamp (1 AA lithium battery, 60hr life, 2oz) (this is part of the kit, and in addition to the second one I count as hunting gear)
    -whistle with thermometer & compass built in
    -fire kit: firesteel, lighter, vaseline coated cotton balls, 4 wetfire cubes
    -50ft roll 2" duck tape
    -small bottle superglue
    -frontier water filter straw
    -10 tablets potable aqua water purifier
    -30yds 152lb bank line
    -15yds 350lb bank line
    -25ft bright yellow paracord
    -blank CD (signalling)
    -little bag with 12 45lb 18” cable fishing leader snares & 30ft 25lb fishing line, 20ft 10lb fishing line, 12 hooks, repair/suture needle weighs 1.2oz)

    Medical: (stop bleeding, make splints)
    -quick clot sponge
    -1 roll hot pink vetwrap (bandaging with duck tape, marking trail, etc)
    -small tube neosporin
    -4 3"x3" gauze pads
    -rubber glove
    -6 pills immodium
    -2 pills claritin
    -1 packet sunscreen
    -1 packet lip balm
    -4 safety pins
    -1 antiseptic towlette

    Additional gear for potential overnighter (5lbs 10oz total)
    -Kifaru paratarp with 10 1/2oz aluminum stakes (18.4oz total)
    -Snow peak titanium mug (12.9oz total) with:
    -esbit stove (4 fuel tabs)
    -2 oatmeal packets
    -6 tea bags
    -cut down spork
    -1ftx2ft aluminum foil folded down
    - Bic lighter
    -one 2 serving mountain house meal (chicken breast w/mashed potato is my favorite)
    -Hill Country gear Mountain Serape (insulated poncho/sleeping bag)
    -Military waterproof poncho (groundsheet)
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    Depending on the hunt I'll have spotter, tripod and range finder. But on every hunt or hike I've got my must haves

    Radio/marine band radio
    Head lamp and mini mag
    3 large garbage bags clear (many uses for these) wrapped up and zip tied with 20 extra zip ties
    2 knives
    Food (always quick and easy, GU, granola and always more than enough, usually!)
    Water bladder
    48oz nalgene (empty)
    Water purifier
    Rain gear
    Small homemade first aid/survival kit (super glue, advil, guaze, duct tape wrapped around lighter, electrical tape, neosporin, etc.)
    Wet wipes

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    Got to reading all those lists and started wondering about what's in my daypack or what should be in my daypack. Thus, I took an inventory and here it is...
    1. One gallon ziplock containing...
    matches, lighter, first aid kit, ibuprofen, hand sanitizer(fire starter), batteries for surefire & GPS, space blanket, small knife sharpener, roll of electrical tape, roll of flagging tape, T.P.
    2. KUIU Chugach Rain Jacket and Pants(always... life on Kodiak taught me to always have rain gear)
    3. Large knife
    4. Folding Saw
    5. 50' Para-cord
    6. Small flashlight
    7. LED Headlamp
    8. GPS & Compass
    9. Lip Balm
    10. Sunglasses
    11. Wool Beanie
    12. Gloves
    13. Windchecker
    14. 32oz. Water Bottle or 3 liter Hydration Bladder
    15. Wilderness Athlete Hydrate and Recover & Energy and Focus (makes a "blaze" when combined... Awesome boost!) 3 packets of each.
    16. Peanut butter and bacon with honey sandwich
    17. Apple or Orange
    18. Protein Bars (2)
    20. 1 Canvas Game Bag
    That's all folks... obviously this is for a DAY pack. I have coyoted out with nothing more than this when deep in someplace and on a bull I don't want to leave but it is way more comfortable with more gear and food.



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