Hi, everyone, I'm the new guy. I usually hang out on another hunting forum (one with a name that suggests that Ifish), but this seems like a question better suited to ask here. My wife and I are talking about buying some preference points (probably for her), and trying a Wyoming moose hunt in a few years, maybe 2016. Since bull licenses are probably out of reach for decades, we're talking about trying a cow license. I'm not looking for specific areas at this point, just a general sense of whether it's worth pulling out the credit card and getting on the preference point treadmill this year.

1. How do you see the future of moose hunting for the next 3-4 years? I'm hearing some gloomy reports, and I would like some reassurance that there will be cow licenses (and actual cow moose) available when we would hunt.

2. How would you rate the physical difficulty of a cow moose hunt? My wife is not a road hunter, but she also doesn't do the steep and deep.

Thanks for any help.