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    Elk; Calling all Cows

    what are your thoughts of calling a bulls cows from him to bring him in for a shot opportunity? whether he follows the cows in or comes in on a rope cuz he's seeing red.
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    You could try a calf call. They both might come in.

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    if you are thick in the elk, you can "almost" move in in plain site because they ignore your movement. this only makes real sense for rifle hunting when you just need to get a few more yards to get a better setup. I am sure with a bow you would have to try to get him to come to you.

    I can attest to the lost calf call. I got a herd of over 50 to come up to a fence and wouldn't jump the fence(private land fence). I had a handfull of cows balling at me, and the bulls were standing right behind them. very easily could have gone my way.



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