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    wolf and grizzly update

    I was wondering if the wolf and bear numbers have effected one area of montana more then another? We are looking to do an elk hunt next year and have gotten reports that the wolves have taken a big hit on numbers near Yellowstone (301 314). So now we are looking further west toward Dillion (331 332 321). Have they found there way that way yet? Also has any one hunted these three areas? What is the terrrin like. From what i can see on Google Earth 321 looks flat for the most part and then gets more rugged as you get closer to Idaho. How is access in them, looks to be alot of NF land?

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    for wolf distribution, check our the rmef website. they have some good maps with distributions.

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    Buckbull, looked at the RMEF website, cant seem to find what your describing, mind posting a link?



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