Hi Guys.
My wife and myself got drawn on unit 83 for antelope this year.
We should be around at the end of this month to spend a week and find lopes.
We got 2buck tags and 2 does with 1/2 mile of irrigated land (type 6).
We will be camping on a campground in Thermopolis and visit the beautiful area at the same time.
Any advise or tips would very appreciated as we didn't get lucky last year in a unit north of Gillette.
We'll be looking for land owner permission as well for a good butcher in the area.
Just got my topo map of the area but couldn't get the GPS chip map as we live out of country. We will try to buy it on our way there in a hunting store or in Cody.
Thanks in advance and you guys have a good hunting season coming.
Eric. (Calgary)