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Thread: Bullet Question

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    I have 2 .300 win mags and I shoot 200 grain accubonds through both and absolutely love them. They work great on elk.

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    Any bonded or all copper bullet I've seen stays together amazingly well on steel. I pick up bullets from many different friends guns at my gong we can shoot to 600 and they all look good. I'm not sure it is a great test. Most shooters that go up there use accubonds or Hornady Interbonds. Some Swift Sciroccos. Most want to use the same load for elk occasionally and deer annually so they lean toward lead bonded bullets with good BC for deer that are still elk capable.
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    My choice is always the 168 Berger in 7mm, that's what I shoot. Recoil seems to be soft compared to other loads and they work. Remington Core Lokt is very good, just not so much B.C. but they are a safe bet and in closer quarters I still use them. Longer ranges and heavier game I believe the Nosler Partitions are the ultimate big game bullet. I believe CC has already told us he uses the 180 in his 300s and Old hunter would use the Partition if he used a rifle. I buy my 7mm ammo from HSM and it shoots very well. Big bear, what would you use? Partition. JMO

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    Bullet Question

    I load up 165 Hornady SST's in my .300 Win Mag and 150 SST's in my .270, I've had great success with them, even though I prefer a broadhead doing the killing...

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