I'm headed to the Bighorn mountains in late October looking for a trophy bull. I'll be hunting in a unit I've visited several times before, got a broken up bull that would have been around 330" intact and a 300" 6pt. Due to my flinch and an issue with the Remington style safety I no longer have either of the 7 mags I used on those trips. Previous shots were 400 and 478yds on those two bulls. I wanted to see what everyone would recommend out of the 3 rifles I have available for the trip currently. I know they are all on the lighter end, but with my flinch I shoot these calibers much better than the bigger ones and all are accurate.

1. My M70 264WM custom rifle 25" #4 fluted McGowan barrel. 10.15lbs ready to hunt weight (scope, sling ammo included) Vortex Viper 4-16 with turret matched to my load. Shooting 140gr Berger VLD hunting at 2950fps, under 1/2" groups. Custom walnut thumbhole stock Devcon bedded and floated.

2. My M70 custom 270 win 24" Pac-Nor #3 fluted barrel. I just got it back from the gunsmith. 8.7lbs ready to hunt weight. Leupold Vari X III 4.5-14x scope with CDS turret. B&C aluminum bedded lightweight stock. 140gr accubond at 3000fps. I'm hoping that I can make that work out, I already have a turret set up for the 140gr accubond at 3000fps for my old 270WSM I used to have. I'm still breaking the barrel in but have already got sub MOA groups with my load that gets 2925fps from a 22" barrel, hopefully will get 3k from the 24".

3. Ruger American 270 win 22" barrel. 7.9lbs ready to hunt. Vortex Diamondback 4-12x scope with BDC reticle. 140gr accubond at 2925fps avg group .625"

I also have a box of 150gr .277 long range accubonds to play with, but didn't figure I'd ever get a turret built and back in time for the new rifle this late.