Jordan this is my two cents. Start out with two or three day trips into the backcountry. The important aspect of hunting in the bush is your equipment. Each hunter has to figure out what system and equipment for backpacking works for him. No one uses the same backpacking gear including packs, tents, stoves, and layering clothing. So by taking short trips you begin to evaluate and fine-tune your backcountry equipment. You learn where and how to build a camp. Most importantly you’ll handle living with bad weather in the backcountry. Also starting out if some gear fails, your only hours from the trailhead. The biggest mistake first time backcountry hunters’ make is packing heavy. Lugging around stuff they don’t need to make a bush camp. A great book for learning about backcountry gear is David Longs “Public Land Mulies” the bottom line. He has a whole section on backpacking light. No one solo hunts any harder or longer in the high country as David. The book is a good starting point. Let us know how you do and Good Luck! Mike