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Thread: Teal

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    I'm about 20 miles east of Kansas City. I've hunted ducks hard for 15 years or so, and have never killed a canvasback, and have only seen one get killed in my entire hunting career. I've shot a few redheads, but not many, less than 5, probably.

    We shoot mostly mallards, and get quite a few gadwalls and green wing teal. I'll shoot a few widgeons and pintails each year as well. All the wood ducks are gone by the time we open up.
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    We hunted ducks and geese pretty hard for a few years, but our hunting group kind of got busy and grew apart. I have seen several redheads and just a few canvasbacks but I've never killed either. I have killed a pintail and the only widgeon I have seen. I am patiently waiting on a green wing teal from my taxidermist. Wood ducks are pretty tasty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fink View Post
    We are still struggling with bringing the bird all the way to hand (I have no idea where this problem came from... She has never shown it in training).
    Cool pics. Great looking pup. I often say that I would rather hunt without a gun than without my dog.

    Force fetch her and she will bring the bird to hand. It is pretty easy to do, just takes a while to do it.

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    Just some friendly advice if you want it. My male did the same thing... I don't know why but I fixed it by keeping a whole bird and working with him on a check cord, enforcing the "hold" command while pulling him to me and making him sit at heel while holding the bird. It only took about five minutes before he figured it out. Lots of love and praise and excitement beats force fetching for me. I run English dogs and use English methods, works for me but to each his own. I've seen buddies force fetch their dogs and sometimes it worked and sometimes it ruined the dog. I'd want a professional's assistance for that kind of invasive training. Just my dos pesos.



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