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    Nicely done, congrats!

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    Thanks for comments guys.
    We got in before the weather got to bad so access wasn't a problem. We camped at the wilderness boundry and only have to go in a couple miles. I called in a nice 6x7 about 400 yards from camp and my cousin missed at 35 yards. My bull was about a mile in on a big flat so it was a fairly easy pack out. We hunted the Aldo Leopold Wilderness from the west side. It was an amazing hunt we were in bulls every day. Even with all the rain and soked gear it was still my funnest hunt to date and I can't wait to draw another hola tag. Good luck to every one with up coming hunts. It's time to get ready for the deer hunt. Oh and sorry for the upside-down pictures not sure how to fix them

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    Great bull, congrats!



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