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Trophy is in the eye of the beholder.
Well said!

Every animal I kill is a trophy to me. I guess I could be called a trophy hunter by some folks, I simply try to kill older animals if I can. I do have a few heads on the wall but they are in my office or bedroom and not on display in the rooms company commonly frequent with the exception of a pronghorn skull my wife likes on the living room wall. I keep the horns/antlers and mount or otherwise preserve them not for something to brag about but more like a tribute to the animal or as a reminder of the hunt. I also have a lot of family members who love game meat but don't hunt so I share with them. If i'm hunting strictly for meat I try to find an old doe. I tend to let a lot of young animals walk away. Most of the "professional hunters" make me sick, they are not hunters at all in my book, simply shooters. Some of them are just clowns who I doubt could even find a deer on public land let alone kill it. They just pay someone else to do their hunting for them. I really think it's a personal decision that each of us must make and live with. If someone wants to only shoot large specimens that's fine by me, as long as the meat is put to good use I don't have a problem with it.