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I've seen pictures of your jeep, it's probably a lot nicer vehicle than you need, but you're proud of it. I guess trophy hunters are proud of the hard work it takes to tag a mature buck or bull. We're all a little vain, we just show it in different ways.

That might be true for some 4wheelers, but when I built it I was in a 4WD club, and we did impossible trails. Everything on the Jeep served a purpose. The pictures were taken, because the club demanded them to put in the news letter. Otherwise I never would have took them. I always feel funny showing them, but it's no accomplishment on my part. Anybody can build the same Jeep.

Watch me catch flak for what i'm going to say next. For those who can't stand the fact that you mount a dead animal to remind you of the hunt, and be proud of it. I'll ask you a simple question. Has anybody seen them besides you? Have you shown them to anybody who wouldn't otherwise have seen them? Have you ever posted them on a forum, or a picture of the kill before it was mounted? How do you describe the word bragging rights?

Webster describes it this way.

bragging rights noun
: a good reason to talk with pride about something you have done

This isn't a put down on my part. It's just what it is, and I was brought up to not do it. Simple as that.